Religious Liberty

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America’s Religious Freedom: Past, Present, and Future

“Religious liberty is as American as apple pie—but so is persecution.” That’s the warning of one of America’s top experts on religious liberty, Dr. Ryan T. Anderson former William E. Simon Senior Research Fellow in American Principles & Public Policy.

Persecution isn’t something that only happened in history. It’s happening today. Dr. Anderson and others are asking: Will today’s persecution by “Secular Progressive Puritans” burn through the firewall of protection erected by our founders?

The Heritage Foundation asked Dr. Anderson to record a seminar explaining the essentials of religious liberty. This course takes you back to the original colonists, then leads you through the Revolution and the Founding, to help you better understand religious freedom’s role in America.

Then you get a precise outline of today’s “big four” protections of your religious freedom . . . and the reason those protections are being tested severely. When you have completed this course, you will know exactly what religious freedom is, why it exists in our society, and why it is being threatened with unprecedented fury.

This eye-opening course—taught by one of the pre-eminent experts defending religious liberty—is a must for those who want to understand this most urgent conflict of our times.

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