Building & Leading High Performance Teams

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Building & Leading High Performance Teams

America needs you to lead well. And you can. It could be leading your family, a political or policy group, a work team, or a church group.

In this course, J.V. Venable, one of America’s top leadership mentors, shares principles he learned leading the Air Force Thunderbirds and as a pilot in the Iraq War.

J.V.’s successful method is easy to learn. You will gain the following insights that can transform your leadership potential:

  • A New Way of Visualizing Leadership. What does good leadership look like? Is it something you can visualize? You will get a life-changing mental picture.
  • The Actions of Leading High Performance Teams. You will get a step-by-step approach to leading your team or teams, and learn how to build your team and achieve a closeness that propels the whole effort.
  • Gaining Momentum. You will discover how to excel as a leader and as a member of a team in a way that will change your life and those around you.

Your team can excel if you know the simple principles J.V. will explain. Be the kind of leader—in your business, your family, your church, and your community—that America needs right now. Invest an hour in this course, and see your impact as a leader grow.

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