Conservatism and America’s Future

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Right now, conservatives are in a deeply trying time. It’s easy to think they are losing their place in America’s future. But are they? Or is the Left’s overreach creating new opportunities that could produce a resurgent conservatism—and do so very quickly? What steps do conservatives need to take in order to turn the Left’s new vulnerabilities into such a reversal?

These are the questions explored by the lecture “Conservatism and America’s Future” by Dr. George Nash, and moderated by Heritage Foundation scholar Joseph Loconte, Ph.D.

Dr. Nash, a leading historian of the conservative movement, gives viewers a rare combination of broad historical perspective and keen insight into today’s crises.

Across the nation, he observes, the commanding heights of social, political, and cultural power are dominated by the Left. The idea of American exceptionalism—that America is a success story—is being challenged, and our children are being taught that America is racist and evil.

And yet, Nash asserts, the Left is in the process of fumbling away its recent political advantage by pushing its radical changes too far—and pushing new groups of Americans into the arms of conservatism.

This lecture by Dr. Nash, and his Q&A with Heritage expert Joseph Loconte, explore this potential conservative resurgence.

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